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Ready to view the world from the top?

VERTICAL SOLUTIONS invites you to get to know the “Island of Enchantment” from a whole new perspective. During our safe and adventurous helicopter tours you will get to know this precious island and its historical landmarks, beautiful coastlines, breathtaking canyons and amazing mountains as you have never seen before.


The City Tour

Climb aboard and get to know the historic city of Old San Juan, the Condado beaches and lagoon area. Along this route we will fly over the Bacardi Rum Factory where the best Caribbean rum is made. This tour can be schedules at sunset for a romantic touch.


The Mountain Tour

During this tour you will experience all the highlights of the city tour as well as a trip to the central mountains of the island. Prepare to see amazing cliffs, calming mountain lakes, and -when you least expect it- Puerto Rico’s impressive waterfalls of the San Cristobal canyon will appear. A breathtaking experience is guaranteed!


The Radar Tour

The Radar Tour begins with a view of Old San Juan and the Bacardi factory, then continues west towards the world's largest single-dish radio telescope the Arecibo Observatory. The Observatory was constructed in Puerto Rico because all great astronomy observatories are near the equator and the karst or limestone topography in this area of our island provides large natural sinkholes, minimizing excavation costs and providing natural support for a large, circular reflector. The Radar tour combines the natural with the supernatural as you will enjoy Puerto Rico's beautiful karst formations, central mountains and beaches mixed with the scientific marvel of the Arecibo Observatory.



The Coastal Tour

Fly along Puerto Rico's rugged North Shore from San Juan City to Manati the home of the famous Mar Chiquita Beach. Mar Chiquita (or Little Sea) is a small seashell shaped beach protected from the rough Atlantic Ocean by a rocky wall. Along our trip you will see white, brown and black colored sand beaches and blue-green cool, crystal clear Caribbean waters. Experience rock formations jutting up from the sea, evidence of the islands volcanic beginnings from millions of years ago, forming our amazing and picturesque cliffs and shorelines. 


Custom Tours and Charters

As our client you can always customize a flight that is right for you or you can leave it to us and we will plan your trip without boundaries. Our helicopters are ideal for the destination and purpose you have in mind.


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