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Flight Training

There’s no doubt that man’s fascination with flight has taken new heights. Now, with the help of VERTICAL SOLUTIONS you can also become a trained helicopter pilot. We offer complete Private, Commercial and Instructor Pilot Programs.




Private Pilot License (PPL)

The first step in becoming a career or recreational pilot. Our PPL Pilot program is intended for students who are beginning the journey of flight. Whether to fly for a hobby or to become a professional helicopter pilot VERTICAL SOLUTIONS will guide and train you through every step towards obtaining your passport to flight.

The FAA minimum requirements are as follows:

40 Hours total helicopter flight time


PHASE ONE (pre -solo)

30 hours of the minimum 40 hours are dual instruction with one of our CFI's, you learn to safely perform all the basic flight maneuvers and procedures as well as introductions to advanced emergency maneuvers and cross country navigation.

PHASE TWO (solo flight)

10 hours of solo flight

During this phase you will perform ten hours of solo flight in preparation for the FAA examination or practical test which includes three hours of solo cross-country.

PHASE THREE (pre-check ride)

This last phase consists of the last few hours of dual instruction, during which your instructor will assist in refining your skills in preparation for the practical test. The phase ends with the practical test or “check ride” which is given by an FAA designated examiner.

In preparation for the FAA written examination and the oral portion of the practical test or “check ride” VERTICAL SOLUTIONS offers an intensive well-structured ground course throughout the flight instruction phases. All courses are taught using a structured syllabus and one on one guidance to ensure the highest levels of learning


Dual Instruction: $295.00 per hour
Solo Flight: $245.00 per hour
Ground School: $50.00 per hour


Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

If your dreams are to have your office in the skies, Vertical Solutions will assist you in reaching these new heights and guide you through the steps of obtaining your CPL. This license gives you the FAA authorized right to carry persons or property for hire and comes with higher responsibilities and harder work.


In addition to your PPL you will need to compile 150 hours of total flight time in powered aircraft, where as 100 hours of this total time is Pilot in Command time.


VERTICAL SOLUTIONS will train you to master the skills and maneuvers of Helicopter Flight with an emphasis on precision and confidence. This becomes essential as the FAA practice test standards become more strict with less tolerance for error.


Dual Instruction: $295.00 per hour
Solo Flight: $245.00 per hour
Ground School: $50.00 per hour


Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

The best way to learn a skill is to teach a skill and in order to build the experience needed to progress in the helicopter industry becoming a CFI is the only way to gain experience fast and become the master of your aircraft.


Intense ground school to show the CFI candidate how to present information in a classroom setting and help them to develop the basic knowledge for becoming an educator.

The Flight portion of the CFI is focused on the Candidate teaching all the required maneuvers in the aircraft while maintaining a safe state of flight.


The skill gained from flight instructing will make you the best pilot you can become and allow you to build the hours needed to be hired into higher level jobs


Dual Instruction: $295.00 per hour
Ground School: $65.00 per hour


*Flight instruction times may exceed the FAA minimum requirements based on the students abilities to safely preform required maneuvers.
**Vertical Solutions reserves the right to change pricing or policies without prior notification.




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